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Summer is Here For Real

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Today where I live the temperature reached 99 degrees.  Yes, it’s summer.  It’s hot but it’s summer and it’s a good time to read and reflect and to find some peace by the lake, on the beach or in one’s own back yard.



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Summer Favorites

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An old  summer favorite, featuring the Roxie and Jean Claude

Cats & All That ™

Roxie and Jean Claude, while primarily housecats, enjoy the outdoors. Well, Roxie not so much , although she likes sitting on the back porch steps or peering out the open windows to check out what’s going on. She will on ocassion come to supervise my work in the garden or to let “Rocky” the urban squirrel know that he is not to climb the huge pine tree in my backyard.

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Roxie Practices Her Balancing Act Atop Jean Claude's Back

I’m watching an old re-run of “Monk,” the detective so wonderfully portrayed by actor Tony Shaloub, who had a keen sense of perfection. We are all in some ways victims of our need to be perfect. Of course nothing is perfect except God. But we have moments so close, Ah so much to live for, experience, enjoy and share. For me it’s those just right summer days, time spent with friends and family, a hug, sharing a joke with a good friend, a summer night outdoor jazz concert, great co-workers, that last bit of a chocolate shake and of course watching Roxie and Jean Claude romp outdoors…those moments so precious…so great -full. Let me your idea of perfecction (sp).