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Summer is Here For Real

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Today where I live the temperature reached 99 degrees.  Yes, it’s summer.  It’s hot but it’s summer and it’s a good time to read and reflect and to find some peace by the lake, on the beach or in one’s own back yard.



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Cats A Twitter

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Diane Nine is an amazing publicist and owner of  Nine Speakers Inc.  ( an agency which represents some of the nation’s top entertainers and journalists.    In addition Diane is the owner of Daisy the cat  whose Twitter Handle is @DaisyCatNine.  Daisy has  more than 2, 500 followers.

Daisy, The Tweeting Cat

Daisy, The Tweeting Cat


Taking it All in Stride

So there was a book out called everything I needed to know I learned from my cat or something like that. This is true. One of the greatest lessons we can learn from cats is their ability to be flexible. Nobody is perfect and occasionally I’ll oversleep and the cats will have no food. Sometimes they try to wake me up, but more often not, they just curl up at the foot of the bed so as soon as I wake up, they are ready to run downstairs and get their food.

When they can’t go outside they meow for a bit, but eventually they will move on and realize “hey, I’ll go out another time” They don’t care about the consequences and they don’t whine if they don’t get their way.

We should be more flexible in our approach to life. We may not get everything we want, but we will get everything we need.