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Office Space

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officespaceI have a virtual office for my business and I work out of my  tiny home office.    The office  is full of memorabilla with a sunny view of my TV room.  It’s small, warm and cozy.   Of all the spaces in my house, Koko and Jean Claude seem to like  my office best.   CCL says it’s   because I’m always in my office.  I think the cats just want a small, warm place for their headquarters.

Case of the Bratty Cat

Recently Koko has been acting out. She’s been bopping poor Jean-Claude in the head especially if they are sharing a window or she wants his seat on the couch. Now I don’t go for this in my house.

Jean Claude and Koko At Peace - but Koko has been naughty of late

Jean Claude and Koko At Peace – but Koko has been naughty of late

If she bops JC then she can’t sit in the window or the chair. In my house we all share and are nice to each other.

Azeena has another take. She calls it the case of sibling rivalry where the little sister torments her older siblings. Either way, I don’t let Koko get away with it. because JC is so sweet and there is plenty of room for both of them in the window.

Bathtub Adventures

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Jean Claude and Koko are still having some bonding issues. However, they have found place of commonality — the bathtub. They both like to hang out there. Sometimes JC drinks from the faucet and yes he can cut on the faucet.

Even Scientific American can be wrong

So I was reading this article and it says that cats cannot taste sweets. I immediately cried foul. My cats LOVE sweets. They have been known to break through wrapping to get to cookies, donuts and in one incident when Jean-Claude was a kitten raspberry kringle.

The scientists in question said that in high concentrations, there may be some taste. However, the scientists were utilizing what they knew from their world view and limits of knowledge. There are things in the world that we cannot begin to fathom. The way that God works and watches over us is one thing.

We often limit ourselves by our world view because we don’t know something is possible or we are afraid. Yes, cats like sweets but likely it will involve some innovative way of thinking about taste receptors to understand (and if anyone doubts cats mysteries, it is still not understood why and how cats purr!).

Let’s be like the cats today and enjoy our sweets without worrying about the possibility of why.

Worth A Cat-A-THON

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While scanning the cable channels today , I happened upon the Animal  Planet “Cat-A-Thon.”   So far I have learned that Roxie, the female Japanese bobtail and Jean Claude, the male black Bombay,  are about to become “seniors.”  Don’t tell Roxie  that as she thinks she’s still a swinging teenager.    Animal Planet just ran one of my all-time favorite “Must Love Cats,”  episodes, Dusty: The Klepto Kitty.   The segment features a cat who has stolen hundreds of items – shoes, hats, bras, panties and sunglasses from her neighbors.   (Dusty is referenced in my March 11, 2011 blog, “Roxie Hid My Shoes”)