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Cat and Dog Favorites

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People Magazine recently “polled” cats and dogs about their favorite products. You can read the list here:

Cats And Dogs Together

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Read the hilarious article about cats imitating dogs

Cats Can Fly

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Recently the world watched as a cat fled a burning building five stories high by jumping out the window. The cat hit a grassy service and apparently was not injured and simply walked away.

Here’s the video.

JuiceBox Heroics

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Doctors recently performed a unique form of surgery on a cat who was attacked by a dog. “JuiceBox” had buttons sewn into his face to hold stitches together. If all goes well the button stitches will be out soon. Read the story in the attached link.

JuiceBox Post-Surgery

Cats Makes Quarantine Living Better

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Things simply go better with cats. At least according to a new survey.  You can read the survey here: