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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Roxie’s Laser Toy is Lost – Again

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Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, is frisky . She needs lots of attention and lots of play- or else.  We are at the “or else “stage right now. That’s right folks, Roxie’s current laser toy is missing.  I’ve looked everywhere for it and Madame is not pleased.  Between that and having to give her meds daily…well it can be overwhelming.   You may think that perhaps, Jean Claude, the black bombay, in a fit of jealousy hid the toy.   No, JC is really quite sweet especially after his morning constituional.  Today it was raining quite a bit but he went outside anyway and spent time sitting on the lawn meditating under the giant tree in my back yard.  Later he came back inside  the house slightly wet and retreated to one his “spots” under the chair in my sitting room. Roxie, well, she’s Roxie.

Here’s a tribute to the rain and JC and Roxie – one of the funniest break up songs ever ..Oran Juice’s Original “I Saw You Walking in the Rain.”


Taking Our Medicine

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So, once again I begin the challenging morning ritual of giving Roxie her meds.  Yep, Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, is recovering from surgery and must take three different forms of prescription drugs.  It’s definitely  a challenge, and I am glad the reality television cameras are not rolling when I administer the medication, but eventually Roxie, after much hollering and screaming, takes her medicine.   I think she knows it will make her feel better and extend her life.

There’s a lot of talk these days about how to solve this nation’s economic woes.  There are a number among us who  in the course of pursuing short-term greed have sacrificed long-term gain.  Millions are jobless and devastated.     Everyone is expressing outrage and pointing fingers.  .  Our political leaders have offered a myriad of solutions but don’t want to lose any ground for the 2012 elections.   In scenes right out of Frank Capra’s 1939 classic “Meet John Doe.” Occupy Wall Street groups have sprung up all over the world.  But in  this country it should  not be me against them.  It’s U-S.   Perhaps like Roxie it’s time for all of us to take our medicine.



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Roxie, the Japanese bobtail, is back from the vet’s.  She had an extended stay and some surgery there because of a  recurring urinary tract problem.  CCL and I were allowed to visit her during her convalescence but now she’s back at my house, being well, Roxie.    Jean Claude, the black Bombay, who had been very needy while Roxie was away appeared happy when I brought Roxie home. He greeted  her at the door in fact.  Roxie, however, was initially not so excited to see JC.  While in her small carrier and then when I let her out she hissed loudly at him.  Much later, after she got settled and spent some time cuddling with me, did she again resume her affection for her pal.


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This week and next I have jury duty – that means nightly I call in with my juror number to see if I’ve been picked to serve on a panel.     I did not get picked today but I’m home waiting for the cable contractor and also to see what time I can pick up  the Japanese bobtail Roxie  from the vet. She had surgery on Friday and has been at the vet since last Tuesday. Saturday, CCL and I were allowed to pay her a visit. We both held her watched her and played music for her. She was in some pain and then calmed down. She seemed better for the most part when we left. Her absence is clearly tough on the black bombay Jean Claude, who totally male, has been extremely needy the last few days. He usually loves to go outside for his morning constitutional but today he sat almost listless by the backporch door and  then came in the house  after only a brief time  as if hoping Roxie would be in the house when he returned.

Steve Jobs – A Dreamer, A Genius, An Inspiration

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I just spent an hour dealing with a dilemma with the cable company.  An hour, I could have been planting flowers, or talking to a  friend or working on a project to help others.  It was my choice, but sometimes one needs to make better choices than haggling over a broken  electronic device.   Take for example Steve Jobs – a genius who is gone from this planet much too soon.   He led us into the universe of personal laptops, Iphones, Ipads and possibilities.  Jobs was a dreamer who knew how to close the gap between visions seen and visions realized. He will be missed but never forgotten.  He changed the world.

How many of us have dreams we have yet to realize or fulfill?  Dreams – that put into action  may not change the entire world but  that could deeply impact our communities??

Steve Jobs With The Iphone

Maybe, for awhile at least ,  it’s just best to  tell the cable company , the missing contractor, the arrogant customer service representative  on the phone to STUFF IT!   We’ve all got more important things to do.  Perhaps it is wise we take Steve Jobs ” no excuses” mantra  and get started on realizing our dreams.