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Cats Can Be Friends Too

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Grace, the short-hair, is a diva. She has me on schedule. She is very vocal about her needs. She often will come to the phone when I am on FaceTime or ZOOM to communicate with someone whose voice she has come to know. She knows she has allies. Grace is a friend, and in times like these, we need our friends.

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Changing Course

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A look back as we go into fall.

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Grace, the lovely big Tabby got a taste of the outdoors today.  I let her come out as I watered mums and swept debris from the giant pine tree in my back yard.  She explored and then obediently went inside without being coaxed.  She seems to have struck a balance in her life as she changes course. Many of you know Grace can be very demanding and vocal about her concerns.  I watch her adapt to a new routine quietly marking her territory deciding how she wants to experience her new surroundings.  Fall is a time of change.   Colder weather sets in, the leaves on the trees change colors and our work schedules take on some intensity.  The last quarter of the year.  It can for some of us be a time of upheaval, often things take a different turn and we have to change course and change our expectations.

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Cats Makes Quarantine Living Better

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Things simply go better with cats. At least according to a new survey.  You can read the survey here:


Love and Differences

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My new favorite video about critters.