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Snowbound Gratitude

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Snow covers Washington DC  – the result of a record snowfall. Jean Claude, the black Bombay and Koko, the domestic shorthair are at CCL’s house relaxing and monitoring the weather to determine if they want to go in the snow.  They are patient and don’t feel trapped .   We should ‘t either.   Being snowbound presents opportunities – rest, reading, eating snack food, binge TV  and of course shoveling and limited snow sport.  Still, those of us blocked from our normal activities and travels from snow can still explore. It is a time to reflect, to remember the things and the amazing people in your life.  Gratitude

Tat a Tat As the Holiday Season Goes

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Tomorrow we are two days from a new year.  For some  folks and critters a new year symbolizes a new beginning, a clean start ,an empty slate.   For others   the new year brings a chance to purge the memories of the past.   For Roxie and Jean Claude this year has been quite something and they have had an adverturous and rather splendid holiday season, spending time at my house  and at CCL’s house.     Although they escaped twice  from CCL’s during Christmas dinner – sorry CCL but it was small bag of trash that had to be taken outside.  They really seemed to enjoy Christmas dinner with family at CCL’s.  Roxie and Jean Claude  are a favorite of my aunt Fran who doesn’t like cats but is very entertained by this duo.   Yes they performed for her  and showed her love and attention, rubbing her leg and jumping on the back of her chair and running across.   Animals entertain and love and nuture us.  We should show our furry friends love and attention too.  Do your part  to support the Washington Animal Rescue League  –  or the Animal  Rescue league in your town.