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Lonely This Valentine’s Day: Find A Companion

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All you need is love. DC’s Humane Rescue Alliance May Have What You Need.  Get More Information Here.





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It has been more than a month since Jean Claude slipped out the house for a pack of cigarettes or mouse treats maybe.   CCL and I are hopeful he will return.  Koko seems to be getting used to life without JC.  She has a variety of toys to play with and regularly visits me in my home office.  She also interacts with my friends when they visit.  This morning two squirrels played in my back yard as she and I  watched from the window and a Cardinal also swept down from the sky and walked the back yard for a bit before flying off.   Earlier a bird perched on the window seal just outside my bedroom.


The Bird on the Window- Sill (Right)

The Bird on the Window- Sill (Right)




Dancing in the Streets

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A charming musician get an audience of kittens in Malaysia

4 Music-Loving Kitties Come To Listen To Street Singer Everyone Else Ignored

#KeanuMovie Calendar

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Comic geniuses Keegan  Michael-Key and Jordan Peele (AKA Key & Peele)  produced and star in the upcoming “Keanu” movie  (April 29) about a kitten who  is adopted by Peele’s character only to be kidnapped by gangsters. Key and Peele masquerade as gangsters to retrieve the precious kitty “Keanu.”  Here is the promotional calendar featured in produced by the film’s promoters.



Finally Hollywood Recognizes#Cats #KeanuMovie

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Aprl 29 Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele’s new movie “Keani” comes to theaters nationwide. Of course  the comic geniuses have chosen wisely to focus their first full-length  film .on a cat – Keanu.  The precious kitty is kidnapped by gangsters and Key and Peele go through great lengths to rescue Keanu.

Here’s  the trailer  for the flick.  Yes, KoKo and Jean Claude are excited and looking forward to seeing the film eventually – maybe at a cat cafe in DC.