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Just a Matter Of

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When one is in the midst of fundamental change it is easy to get discouraged. Even daily functions can be hard. Still keep the faith. That’s the answer.

Looking beyond

Push! Dig deep! These are words you hear when someone is helping someone push. But what does that have to be with looking beyond? Well, first, look beyond what you see. For example, Azeena posted about Jean-Claude turning on the bathroom faucet. Well, what Azeena didn’t know was that I have become JC’s personal water butler. Whenever I walk past the bathroom he jumps in the tub and demands that I turn on the faucet for him. And don’t worry, we clean out the tub very well.

The other night I caught him sleeping in the tub. I guess he felt like this would ensure he would always get water! But what does this mean? It means that what you see might not always be the case for what’s happening. JC wasn’t turning on the faucet, it was me.

One data point does not a straight line make.

My only resolution is to try to think of things in a positive light. If you have one interaction with someone, a waitress that is rude, someone in a rush, instead of taking the negative view, I’m going to take the positive. Maybe they had a fight with their boyfriend or maybe there is a sick relative in the car. I tell you that this takes work and requires me to push and dig deep. Our first reaction is that people do things to us rather than responding based on their own experiences.

Just as it requires two points to make a line, it requires more than just a single encounter to fully understand someone.*
*Please note the one example to this is online dating. If someone sends you a message that is crass, rude, disrespectful immediately respond accordingly. Don’t ask me why this is but just trust me ūüôā

Thinking positively is far more difficult than I thought it would be. But I continue to push! and dig deep!

And So It Goes

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Years ago ¬†there was a highly popular overnight show on NBC, quirky and fun. ¬†Host Linda Ellerbee would end the program with the words “And So It Goes.” ¬† The show met with an unfortunate termination after only a few years and Ellerbee went on to write a ¬†book about the broadcast news industry and to form Lucky Duck Productions. ¬† I remember meeting Linda Ellerbee at the Red Sage Restaurant. ¬†I was there with some of my colleagues and folks from Mattel, we had just finished a news conference and an all day event with then CEO Jill Barnard and track star Florence ¬†Griffith Joyner and her husband. ¬† We were pretty loud and someone from Ms. Ellerbee’s table came over to our table to ask us to tone it down. ¬†I looked over and saw her and rushed over to her and ¬†gushed about my insomnia and my desire to see her back on television again.. ¬† She said she was done with the news business. ¬†I think Lucky Duck was in its infancy and now of course it is an an award winning production company producing programs and features for a myriad of networks. ¬† Jill Barnard is no longer CEO of Mattel and Flo Jo passed a few years after the event. ¬† Lucky Duck — still going strong.