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Sometimes We Need A Little Whimsy

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Cats as a rule are curious. They explore. They discern and they adjust to our habits, our likes, etc most of the time. Even Grace, the overweight tabby, who has me on a schedule is respectful of my time. Yes, she verbally commands attention and she has no problem being disruptive but her actions are done for a purpose. To eat, to play and to show me who is boss.

Like other cats she is also intuitive. She realizes that we are in the midst of a challenging and sometimes frightening situation. For her just like for us this is serious. Still she understands the need for all of us to have some escapism and some fun.

A lot of humans don’t. They have the need to instill a dose of “reality” – their reality – in to any situation. Everything must be dissected, examined and discussed, not matter what pain is produced. Even television programs meant to entertain us purely based as fantasy. Everything is SO SERIOUS. For sure we are in serious times but sometimes we need a little whimsy to bring us peace. That’s why, even though we are in a new year, Grace has decided to keep the Christmas tree lights up for awhile.

Grace says the tree stays until she’s ready for it to come down.

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  1. CantStandTheNoble

    I regualrly feed the birds in my pecan tree nuts littered yard .. While watching them eat the bird gorumet I provide.. the squirrels bounce around forraging nuts they’ve hidden or those still drying on the ground.

    Then, out from nowhere a ferral cat lunges at one of the feeding squirrels.. closing in for the eating. The birds just side stepped the cat’s chase.. continuing to eat .. The squirrel got away, Cat dissapeared into the brush for another try.. and all [like alway] was ALMOST right with the world ..


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